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Let us take care of the systems that your staff, customers and vendors use to interact. The more reliable your systems, the better your bottom line. Period.

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On-Going Remote and On-Site Support

We call it managed services, what is really means is we made an investment in the ability to solve many of your problems before they become problems. We work with internal IT staff to offer an array of support. No IT in house? No problem! We allow ANYONE in your organization to contact us for help. With our unlimited support plans, help is only a click away. 

I'm in IT, are you just gunning for my job?

No way! Our team has spent most of the last 20 years in internal IT positions. We understand your pain and want to help you become indispensable.  We have the tools to partner with you so you can do what you love, we can do what we love and the owners on both sides are very happy.

You really want all my staff to call you?

Yeah, we do, with our managed support, it includes unlimited support. Either remote only or remote and on-site. When you are the gatekeeper, you fix everything, and we don’t know about it. You are the easy button. Let us become the easy button. When you do, we start to uncover other opportunities in your organization to improve a system. This may be covered under your contract. Before you know it, your downline issues are getting resolved, people are more efficient, and they are no longer bugging you with those tech issues. 

Great Reporting

We offer useful reports monthly, quarterly, and on-demand to help you asses the overall health of your network, security vulnerabilities, warranty expiration dates, and so much more. This helps you plan for purchases and notify you of potential issues before it’s too late. 

Internet and Phone Systems

Are you moving, expanding, or adding additional services? It may be time to review your Internet options and office phone service. You may surprised to see what we can offer.

But, I just LOVE working with my ISP

When is the last time you heard someone talking about how much they love calling their Internet provider? Uhh never! They always point the finger at someone else. That’s where Five Arrows comes in. We are the authorized reseller for primary, secondary and backup internet. We are also the reseller for the software you use and the phones you love. 

Let us be the one call you have to make to fix all your tech issues. 

Photo and text messaging from my office phone?

Imagine having everyone in your organization with a direct line that can send and receive phone calls, video calls, text messages and picture messages from any computer or mobile phone. Never give out mobile numbers again. One number for each employee.

If that employee leaves, all of the clients still have your number, not theirs.

Call center and receptionist friendly

Your call center and reception staff can make or break your companies image. We offer state of the art technology for both of these functions. Making it easier than ever to quickly get ahold of the right person. Oh, did we mention every phone call can be recorded for no additional fee. Yes, every single one. 

Network Design

The often unsung hero of the corporate network. This is the hardware that literally connects every computer, server, machine, printer, HMI, PLC, time clock, alarm, camera, NVR, NAS, and more together and to the internet. 

Firewall - What am I paying for?

A complaint we hear often. But the truth is, you want to pay for those renewals, they cover your hardware, but more importantly they pay for R&D to keep you safe from the bad guys. Cybercrime gets more sophisticated every day. With out the subscription, you might as well just have a consumer router (not) protecting your network. 


New building, expanding, or your wireless just not right? We have some of the best heat mapping software available to solve your wireless issues once and for all. We start with a drawing of your building, enter in type of walls you have, number of users, etc, and we map out the hardware you need to create the appropriate amount of coverage for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Switching and Cabling

Depending on the applications, systems, and hardware on your network will dictate what type of cabling and switching you need. Network hardware should be refreshed about every 7 years. This is not always the case, but it is a good rule of thumb. Some reasons why are speed, power, security, isolation, and redundancy. We can help assess and design your network for now and the future. 

Web Design

Your website says everything about you. It sets your tone, what you value and your audience. Competition for clients, funds, and human capital is fierce. Will you be their answer, or will they keep looking after the first 3 seconds on your site? 

Short and to the point, or an encyclopedia of our company?

This is often the balancing act we must perform for with the sites we build. We live in a “skim it” generation. We need to tell you story quickly, and guide your prospects to the place that gives them the information they want to see before contacting you. For those that love to read lists and all the details, we have a place for them too. 

After the site is built, what is my monthly cost?

If you have a site now, you are familiar with your monthly or annual hosting cost. What is this cost? Well, it is the cost to run your website on a server in the cloud. What it offers is what you want to ask about when pricing a new site. If someone puts together a nice site for you, but it isn’t easily upgradable, not backed up, and not secure, then you may throw all that money away when an issue arises. 
At Five Arrows all hosting comes with baked in security, backup and speed. We recommend all websites site behind a firewall and have daily scans to prevent cyber attacks. Talk to one of our specialist to see what is right for your organization. 

We can also do monthly plans, or hourly blocks for updates. We can give a primer on how to make basic updates to your site as well, so you don’t have to call for every change if you don’t want to. 

Is it expensive?

There is a wide range of sites able to be built out there. It varies greatly depending on what the site will do and and how many pages it will contain. We use WordPress exclusively. Why? It’s powerful, flexible, and is the industry standard. Whatever you need your site to do, we can do it with WordPress. That being said, a site like this is going to be more expensive than SquareSpace, Wix, or the like. There is nothing wrong with those platforms. They make website easy to build and are designed for the non-designer to do it THEMSELVES. But once you grow out of that and need a site with options you just can’t get in the all-in-one package, Five Arrows is here to help. 

Cloud Services

SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud Services is using software that is continually updated, improved and patched as long as you are paying for the software. This is a subscription model opposed to a perpetual license. At first this model was not accepted well. But now we have seen companies use the funds to continuously improve software at a rate incomparable from before. 

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

We are authorized resellers for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Known as productivity software, this is the baseline software your organization uses for mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, spreadsheets, documents, presentations, team communication and file sharing. 

Anti-Phishing/Dark-Web Monitoring and Security

What is your companies greatest security weakness? Its users.  How do you keep your employees on their toes to recognize malicious communication? Train them, over and over again. It sounds daunting, costly and time-consuming doesn’t it. Well, it’s not. Micro trainings with a scoring system to keep your staff fresh on how to look for issues will keep your front lines secure. 

Co-Managed IT

Are you the IT Manager/Director in your organization? Maybe it’s not your title, but it might as well be for all you do. Let us help. Really. We have software that can make your job easier. We test it, we train you, you remain the tech hero.

Cyber Security definition: Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. It seems that everything relies on computers and the internet now—communication (e.g., email, smartphones, tablets), entertainment (e.g., interactive video games, social media, apps ), transportation (e.g., navigation systems), shopping (e.g., online shopping, credit cards), medicine (e.g., medical equipment, medical records), and the list goes on. How much of your daily life relies on technology? How much of your personal information is stored either on your own computer, smartphone, tablet or on someone else’s system?

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover outlines the cybersecurity framework. When, not if you experience a cyberattack, how ready will you be? If you have already experienced one, how did it go. Did you have a plan like NIST outlines? We have seen too many breaches to allow this to be taken lightly. It’s a very real threat, and many companies who are attacked fail within 3 years of an attack. 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of experiencing a cyber event. 

The average disruption to business is 15-22 days. 

Can I really be safe

While achieving 100% protection from cyber attacks is not a reality, there are many things that can be done to greatly reduce the likelihood of a threat gaining a foothold in your organization. 

That is great, but I'm not ready to hire someone to help

You want to know what you need to do? I’ll tell you right here for free. Layered Security. Don’t count on a one-and-done product. Security is on onion. 

Firewall setup properly with functional UTM and Next Gen functions enabled
2FA(MFA) enabled for all mail, bank, any accounts available for EVERY USER. 
Business Owners and IT should not be admins of their computers, nor domain admins. No one should. Additional accounts created WHEN and only WHEN changes need to be made. 
Phishing test campaigns and ongoing phishing training. End users are the most likely to let something in. 
Security set with minimal user on each network or cloud data folder.
Realtime email scanning
Link Scanning
Air-gapped backups. 
Change monitoring to see who now has access to what, what has changed, where and by whom. 
Network monitoring for changes and encrypted files. 

With these items in place, you GREATLY reduce the likelihood of suffering an attack.


What People Are Saying

“Five Arrows is a great company to work with, that truly cares about what they do. FA has gone above and beyond on several occasions to make sure things are taken care of properly.”

Damus Cole

Canton Electrical JATC

“Five Arrows is great to work with, professional and dedicated to providing any and all IT solutions needed.”


Compass North Church

I have utilized Five Arrows Technology for several years for small business and personal IT. They are always accessible, responsive and friendly. Further, he is quick to diagnose issues and is flawless on the resolution and follow-through. Their IT knowledge is comprehensive enough to transition to other areas like security cameras and cell phones. I highly recommend Five Arrows Technology!

Stephanie Cherok

Former Home Builder company

 “It is a great feeling to know that when glitches or complications happen we have a reliable solution available. I know with just a quick message, help will be on the way. “

James Marshall

Petit Auto Wash

I had a rare application where I needed to run software that only worked on a verry old version of windows. 5 Arrows was able to remote in to my computer and within a cupple hours they had a emulator running the old software. These folks are great to work with and they get the job done!!

Dan Morrison

ACS, Inc.

John and his team are great to work with. Able to reach when needed and quickly solves problems. Priced very fair.

Brian St. Jean

Infinity Homes