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Learn a little more about us. We absolutely love what we do and look forward to working with you. 

About Us

How it All Began

Five Arrows Technology loves working with our customers. We truly feel like we are partners with you to help you grow you business and get the best value from each service you use. We believe in the aphorism “A rising tide lifts all boats”. If we help your business become it’s best, then your company prospers, which means you, your employees, and the communities you serve prospers. If you are a person who loves your business and wants to see it thrive, let’s talk.

A little history of our owner:

Started by John Weston in 2016, Five Arrows Technology has been improving businesses in NE and Central Ohio areas for the past 6 years.  Our number one goal is to help your company grow through the use of technology. 

John started in the IT field in 2003 working for an IT consulting company based in Copley. Then after a break, spent 10 years working as internal IT for a large non-profit, then at a contractor as an IT Manger. Both companies spanned multiple counties, numerous offices, sites and various ways to connect securely and work from anywhere way before it was cool. 

WIth the nature of these jobs, budgets were a part of his roles. It allowed him to get very acquainted with negotiating rates and services for hundreds of thousands or dollars of service. This now helps serve our customers to ensure Internet, phone, hardware, software, even electrical and gas bills are in-line. The love of people fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit allowed this dream to become a reality. 

We look forward to working with you.  

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Why choose us


Just like I wouldn’t call my insurance agent to print business cards and brochures, would you call an accounting company or copier company for IT Service and Web Design? NO WAY!  

If you see a company doing it as “me too” service, expect the same level of service and expertise. 
At Five Arrows, we understand IT, how it helps every part of your business work flow, how it can negatively or positively impact your bottom line.

We are the experts. We are the specialist. We are the ones you call for tech.


We pick up our phones

We speak english to you and your staff, no tech jargon

We have experience and resources

Your business needs first - Nothing pre-packaged

The buck stops here, no pointing fingers